[Press Release] The Patient Changed the Drug Law

Press Release

The Patient Changed the Drug Law

After 48 years of marijuana crackdown,
it is possible to reuse as medical use
Initiated from Korean Medical Cannabis Organization
Must apologize for arresting patients and their family

1. On September 4, 2017, Incheon Customs said they have asked the prosecutors to investigate 38 cases imported from substitution for purchases or direct purchases of cannabinoid oil in the first half of 2017. Prosecutors said they are investigating the people who imported the CBD oil for violation of “The Narcotic Drug Management Act.”

2. The Organization of Legalizing Medical Cannabis(Representative: Francis Kang) has been consulted with patients and their families who have been indicted for importing CBD oil since the foundation. CBD oil has been proven to be efficacious in brain diseases such as epilepsy, autism, Alzheimer, cerebropathia, neurological disorder through clinical trials. Although Japan strictly punish cannabis similar to Korea, CBD oil is in circulation.

3. The organization reported to National Assembly and major media about the situation of patients and their families. Therefore, in January 5, 2018, Shin Chang hyun and the 11 members of the National Assembly suggest to revise part of “The Narcotic Drug Management.” In the 19th National Assembly in 2015, an amendment to legalize medical cannabis was introduced at the Korea Food and Drug Administration by the government legislation and the portion was passed to the 20th National Assembly.

4. On November 23, 2018, during the 364th National Assembly plenary session, “The Narcotic Drug Management Act Revision” has been passed.

5. Not only to absorb medical cannabis through lungs, but also there are different ways such as pills, oils, ointments, patches, sprays, and drinks. However, Korea is bound by the Drugs Act and the Presidential Decree. After the initiative of the amendment, comments from the Epilepsy Institute at Yonsei University including domestic neurological professor are being submitted.
6. The headquarters are delighted to use the medical cannabis again in 48 years after the crackdown, however we demand that the law enforcement authorities, who have investigate and accused the patients and their families, need to reflect and apologize for human rights violation.

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Korea Medical Cannabis Organization


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