Bill NO. 2016596


I’m Rev. Sung Seok Kang of Korea Medical Cannabis Organization

The bill to legalize to use cannabis for medical purpose was passed in November 23, 2018.

Bill NO. 2016596

In the Article 3, (7), the phrase “government officials who handle drugs for government use or academic drug researchers” changed to “government officials, academic research, or medical use. In the same article, (10), the phrase “action” changed to “action(based on the condition(7), except for medical use)”

Our next step is to negotiate with the government (KFDA) to make a specific law so that patients can prescribe.
The KFDA do not have any information or knowledge of cannabis. They do not know the difference between CBD and THC because of their ignorance. They do not have any information at all. So our mission is to inform not only the KFDA but also Korean citizens.

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