Korea Medical Cannabis Organization Announces Results of General Election Medical Cannabis Policy

Korea Medical Cannabis Organization Announces Results of General Election Medical Cannabis Policy



Each party and candidate’s public questionnaire and policy details on the 5 items of medical cannabis agenda



Democratic Party of Korea announced a pledge to revitalize the medical cannabis industry.


United Future Party announced its commitment to the Cannabis Regulator Free Zone, Cannabis Demonstration Support Center, and Cannabis New Material Development Center.


Party for People’s Livelihoods announced its commitment to support medical cannabis research and cultivation startups.




In addition, Democratic Party of Korea, United Future Party, and Party for People’s Livelihoods showed willingness to revise related laws in the 21st National Assembly.



Seoul youth female candidate medical cannabis policy introduced


: Kang Seo-gu, Kwon Hye-in(Korean medicine doctor), Seodaemun-gu, Shin Ji-ye (Former Seoul Mayor Candidate)



○ The Korean Medical Cannabis Organization(representative Rev. Sung Seok Kang) sent inquiries to major political parties and candidates, and asked to reply to their inquiries by April 10th.




○ Through this questionnaire, KMCO pointed out that despite the announcement of the legalization policy of cannabis in many countries in North America, South America, Africa, the Pacific, and Europe, it has been pointed out that the Cannabis industry has not been fostered in Asia.




○ KMCO held a policy debate on “Legalization of Medical Cannabis” with Democratic Party of Korea, United Future Party, and Justice Party of the 20th National Assembly, and held press conferences, seminars, and forums inside and outside the National Assembly. As a result, on November 23, 2018, at the plenary session of the National Assembly, the “Partial Amendment to the Act on the Management of Drugs” was passed, making the use of cannabis for treatment purposes legal.




○ However, the current government’s Ministry of Food and Drug Safety has restricted medical prescriptions for medical cannabis by establishing enforcement ordinances and enforcement rules that violate the parent law (the Act on the Management of Drugs), and pointed out that it is fooling patients and their families as well as the National Assembly Has requested and actualized the medical cannabis prescription for patients suffering from cancer, epilepsy, dementia, etc. by detecting and correcting the wrong part of the government.




○ On December 4, 2020, the WHO-recommended regulation of hemp regulation by the WHO was decided by the votes of 53 members. Some countries have already adopted the WHO recommendation and have made legislation, and the “Medical Cannabis Act” in the 20th National Assembly also referred to the WHO report. In accordance with the WHO recommendation, the 21st National Assembly was asked to revise the contents of the “Drug Management Act”.




○In addition, Democratic Party of Korea and United Future Party of the Andong City Yecheon-gun Regional District (Lee Sam-geol, Kim Hyung-dong) put a medical cannabis policy in the pledge, and Party for People’s Livelihoods Jeonbuk candidate Jeongeupsi Gochang-gun (Yoo Sung-yeop) also presented a medical cannabis commitment. In addition, emocratic Party of Korea made a pledge to “ enable medical cannabis industry, ” and United Future Party designated a special cannabis regulation free zone, established a cannabis demonstration support center, established an industrial cannabis new material development center, and arty for People’s Livelihoods made a promise to support medical cannabis research and cultivation startups.




○ In addition, the political parties that expressed their willingness to amend the medical anti-mapping law in the 21st National Assembly through answering the policy questionnaire were The People’s Party of South Korea, Platform Party, Green Party Korea, and tBasicincome Party.




○ Justice Party, People Party, Opened Democratic Party, Our Future, and The Labor Party did not send or refused to respond to the policy questionnaire.




○ Candidate Kwon Hye-in (Seoul Gangseo-gu, Seoul, The People’s Party of South Korea), who is from a Korean medicine doctor, said, ‘Medical staff including Korean doctors must be able to prescribe cannabis for treatment purposes. We will promote the medical cannabis for patients’ treatment and research, so we can use it freely. ”




○ Candidate Shin Ye-ye, an independent member of Seodaemun Gap, who ran for the 4th place in the past local election as a ‘feminist Seoul mayor candidate’, designated ‘Special Medical Cannabis Special Zone in Seodaemun where Sinchon Severance Hospital, which has the most medical cannabis prescriptions, has epilepsy, Cancer, Parkinson, Alzheimer’s, and hospice patients will be prescribed medical cannabis. In addition, we will make a medical cannabis prescription to reduce the burden on patients and families, and vitalize the medical cannabis industry to create youth jobs. ”


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